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Whimsical Treasure
Store Started June 30th, 2002
Unlike many other "Ebay" or small business stores,
We are a legal store, with Tax ID number, and resale license.
Shop in comfort.
Welcome to our web site!

Our head seamstress and owner, is an accomplished sewer.  She has sewn such things as Elizabethan male and female garb, belly dance garb, peasant and lower class garb, and pirate costumes. Now, we are pleased to announce some of our new products: custom pet (or human) bandanas, custom baby blankets, and other custom embroidery.

Our company specializes in embroidery, baby blankets, bandanas, and custom-made dance bras and costumes for different types of belly and Middle Eastern styled dancing.  We also offer other products to compliment an entire dance costume for multiple occasions.  Some of these products are hand created by us, and others are brought in from Egypt and other countries.  Please, look around and enjoy the site!

Our featured item on the site:

Custom Pirate Skull Bandana
$8, any color. +$3 for name added underneath!

Custom Bandanas!  $8 for skull design embroidered onto bandana.  +$3 for name added underneath image!

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