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Welcome to Whimsical Treasure-- Middle Eastern Belly Dance Site
Help DONATE to Study Abroad Trip!!


Help DONATE to Study Abroad Trip!!
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Our creator, owner, designer, seamstress and one of our dancers, Erin Wiseman, is trying to raise money go to Egypt for a month to study Middle Eastern history and ancient history through her college.


Want to help somebody out?  Read on!  Described below are details of why Erin is trying to raise money for Egypt.  No donation is too big, and obviously no donation is too small.  Everything helps make a difference.

Who is Erin, anyway?

Erin is a senior at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Michigan (USA).  She is majoring in history with an emphasis in medieval/Renaissance and in Middle Eastern studies.  She is planning on becoming elementary teaching certified within the next 2 years to teach, and then continuing with Grad school to become certified with history for 7th through 12th grades so she could teach K-12 History/Social Studies.


What is she doing, again?

She is looking at traveling abroad to Egypt, with her school, this spring (of 2004).  She would be spending 35 days in Cairo, Egypt!  She would be taking classes, 5 days a week, at the University of Cairo.  She would be experiencing the culture of the Egyptian people; the music, the food, and the friendship.  It will be very hard work, with not a lot of time off, but just enough time to make all of the hard work worth it.  There would be a side trip to the pyramids, and even mount Sinai. 


This trip is going to cost much more than what she is allowed to take out in student loans.  We are helping her with the fundraising by just mentioning her cause to you, our valued customers. 


Why help and why should I care??

You should care because she cares about the mindset and education of the world-- especially our future children in her classroom.  This young woman has taught herself 12 instruments, including some ethnic instruments like Indian Flute(s), pennywhistles, organ, and bagpipe.  (Yes, bagpipe!)  She believes, more strongly than anything that a good, diverse education can create a safer, more tolerant existence in this world for every person in it; no matter what race, creed, religion, nationality, skin color, etc.  She is striving to become a diverse teacher to help the children of the world. 


Erin is a 3.499 GPA student at Grand Valley State University.  She has worked with the Renaissance Festival on campus for 3 years, as well as other festivals in the state.  She is a senior right now, and has two more years to go in college before continuing with grad school.  She is a new member of the International club.  When presented with the occasion, she assists members of other countries in learning about the "American" culture, and in return, learns about new cultures from around the world. 


And this concerns me, how??

Erin has always believed that belly dancing is more than just a dance.  Just by teaching and/or learning belly dancing, we are helping break down stereotypes of cultures other than ours.  By learning belly dancing, we are taking pride in not only ourselves, but in sharing the ideas and traditions of another culture.  Just by taking pride as a dancer, we are helping to make this world a better place, one shimmy at a time!!  Belly dancing is so important, not only to women, but to many cultures! 


Okay, how do I do donate?

On the top and bottom of this page there is a PAYPAL Donation button.  You can use a credit card, debit card, (etc.) to donate to this incredible young womans cause of furthering her education for our children.


Also, we can take personal check.  Just make it out to "Erin Wiseman", and send it to "2888 Locke SW #3, Grandville, MI, 49418 (USA)."  


Whimsical Treasure
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