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Welcome to Whimsical Treasure-- Middle Eastern Belly Dance Site
Detailed, CUSTOM Dance Bras


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Detailed, CUSTOM Dance Bras
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Welcome to the newest edition to the site.  I am now making and selling high-end bras for dancing, Arabic and otherwise.  All of my bras are fully customizable, down to tassels, sizes and the like!


The price of a dance bra like the one on the left is about $80 for a custom order. PLEASE SEE the bottom of the page for close-up photos of some for sale RIGHT NOW! 


You will choose all of the following:  size of bra (see details below), desired color, tassels and cording, and color scheme.  Also, I would like to discuss what style of dance you would like to use this for, and if it's just for fun, you really don't need a style.




For right now, I will start each order by getting size and measurement information from each client. 


After obtaining that, we continue on to the discussing of styles and ideas of color.  You will need to decide if you want to do more Cabaret style dancing, or more tribal styled dancing.  This will influence what type of fringe and what colors you might want to go with.


Everything is customizable.  The cup sizes that I will buy on my own and then decorate for you, are sizes AA, A, B, C for ordering purposes.  HOWEVER, I know how hard it is to find large and proper fitting dance bras, or bras in general.  What I will ask the larger women, is that you buy a new, proper fitting bra, pre-wash it and try it on again-- then send that to me.  I know first hand, that it is VERY difficult to find good quality and good fit in a bra.... let alone having me buy/make the bra without you getting to try it on!  I will then hand sew all of your chosen embellishments on myself.  If you are of the AA, A, B, and C sizes and wish to send me your own bra, I will offer this to you as well.


Depending on the embellishments you chose, (and the size of the bra) the cost for sending me your own bra to transform will bring the price down to about $60 or so. 

Basic, Solid-Colored Tassels

(all included in the "basic price")


Beaded Fringe for Bottom of Bra
(Lining bottom of bra included in basic price for one full row)


Sequins and Rhinestones
(It will cost extra, but we will discuss that during the ordering process.)
(The top and bottom are 1" wide strips of sequins, and the 2nd is a single row of sequins, and the 3rd is a row of rhinestones set in metal.)


Not all colors are seen above, there are so many different colors that I cannot post them all.  The colors I have in the basic trim are also available in the tassels and vice-versa.  However, if you don't see a color on here that you want, let me know!!!  I can get almost anything.  If you want special orders, well, that's what this is!  Just email me at, and we will see what can be done!

Basic Trims and Cording
(all included in the "basic price")


Funky Specialty Tassels
(small fee <$8> for all but the white
ribbon in the middle)


Funky Specialty Fringes
(included in the price of basic bra for 1 layer)
(with an example of a tassel that can be added on in any color)



The above bra is the example of the Basic Dance Bra. 
It has (from top to bottom):
1 Layer of trim, 1 row small cording, 2 (can be 3) rows of basic tassels, 1 more small layer of cording, and then lining the bottom, is one row of the beaded strands (Shown in long.  Can also be short, or medium.), then lastly, a large row of cording.

~Whimsical Treasure~Grandville, MI ~USA ~49418~
The below, large, funky tassels are larger than the basic ones, and a lot more complicated with the tri- and quad-tone coloring.  These are also <$10> extra, but I will put on 2 rows on the bra of these for that money.  These MOVE like dancing tassels!!!


This is a large copy of the "Basic Bra".  Please feel free to look at the layered details.