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You asked for it, you got it! 
Here are some of the comments of some of our happy customers!  Anything you would like to add?  Please, let us know!

More Comments (and pictures) Soon to come!!!!!!

~ Comments from Katherine, Waterford, Michigan.
"Whimsical treasures has beautiful products. Every time I've ever worn something from it I get compliments and questions about where I got it, the quality is excellent, service is quick and the customer service couldn't be more helpful!"
From online--"My friend bought my skirt off my body for heavens sake!!" 
So, she is getting a second one....  ;-)
~ Comments from Katie, Las Vegas, Nevada.
(Talking about her brand-new, custom made tribal bra!)
"Oh my gosh Erin, it's beautiful!  Thank you SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!  It's perfect.  It fits, it hangs just right, the colors match.  I love it.  AND WITH TIME TO SPARE!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!  I just can't thank you enough." ~Katie
Over the phone, "It's like it's made of steel, it held up so well!!"

~Whimsical Treasure~Kentwood, MI ~USA ~49548~