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Welcome to Whimsical Treasure-- Custom Embroidery and Middle Eastern Dance

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On this page we list all of the products we offer as part of our main product line. Please check in often because we will frequently update the product pages with new items. 
We specialize in custom orders for specialized dance bras!  PLEASE SEE FOLLOWING PAGE, or check out the the 2 available right now.
**These hip scarves are from Egypt.  These are not the cheap immitations that you would find on ebay for $20.  These are very high-quality and made to last for years.  The hip scarf that I recieved from my distributer has lasted me the last 6 years, and is only missing one bead.  It is in virtually mint condition. 
**These are made for professionals and are professional strength.  However, they are also made for anyone who wants to sound and look like a beauty!
Questions? Please Email:  whimsicaltreasure @ hotmail DOT com
If you are interested in other colors please let me know!  I can place more orders at anytime!

Coin and Teardrop (bead) Rectangle Scarf

This high quality, sheer leopard print hip scarf is fun!  This is a unique and hard to find color.  We fully endorse something of fake leopard print for everybody's wardrobe!

$ 55
The available colors in this style are what you see:  "Leopard and gold", "Animal print and Gold", "royal blue with gold", and "Black with Silver". 
All are Sheer, but sturdy.




Which "Coin and Teardrop Rectangle Scarf" did you want?




Which "Rectangle 2-Row Coin Sash " did you want?

Rectangle 2-Row Coin Sash

This high quality hip sash is one of a kind and come with multiple rows of glittering adornments and coins.  Noisy and fun!

Only $55

Available Colors in:  "Red with Silver Coins", "Turquoise with Gold", and "Dk. Green with Gold".


Beginners Triangle Hip Scarf



Which "Beginners Triangle Hip/Head Scarf " did you want?

This is a delicious little number for beginning dancers, or for those who want something small to practice with.  This can also be worn as a headpiece instead of a heavy, cotton turban.  Nice sound! 
These are SHEER.
Only $30
AVAILABLE COLORS IN:  "Orange with Gold (not silver as in picture)" and "Blue with Gold".


Rectangle--Natalie's Style Hip Scarf


Which "Rectangle--Natalie's Style Hip Scarf " did you want?

 A totally UNIQUE piece!  The beautiful loops on this scarf make it a must for any dancer!  Coins and loops and beads accentuate this delicate, yet durable, hip scarf. 
COLORS AVAILABLE IN:  "Purple with Silver Coins and Blue Beads". 


$90.00 (for  basic)
and up!
Hand Embellished
by Erin Wiseman
For more detailed, and LARGER photos, go to the bottom of the "Detailed Tribal Bra" Page.
(Each bra is hand embellished for 7-8 hours of hand sewing and painstaking attention to detail.)
(The Red and Black is a 36 C)
(The Purple and Green is a optional strapless is 34 C)



Which "Hand Embellished Tribal Bra" did you want?

Today's Specials

Hand sewed dance bras!  You will not find anything like this anywhere else on the internet. Custom orders!  Pick your own colors, tassels, shape, etc!  Please see the next page for bra ordering details.  Will cater to all sizes of women from small goddess to the voluptuous goddess!  Hand wash cold, lay flat to dry only, like all high quality, detailed and delicate pieces.

Stretch Velvet Rectangle Pyramid Hip Wrap



Which "Stretch Velvet Rectangle Pyramid Hip Wrap " did you w

This is not only for belly dancing, but also makes a CUTE clubbing accessory!  This rectangle scarf is cute with the pyramids and loud with all the coins.  Very fun!  These are made of durable velvet.




AVAILABLE COLORS:  "Black with Gold Coins", "Dark Purple with Gold Coins".  (The purple picture does not do it justice; the white beads are white pearls, not gray as in picture.)


VELVET Triangle Coin & Bead-Pyramid Sash




Which "VELVET Triangle Coin & Bead-Pyramid Sash" did you w

This is another fun, and LOUD, VELVET hip scarf!  Many rows of coins and beadwork embellish this beautiful dancing accessory and a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to be noticed!


I think it's safe to say, "This is the loudest hip scarf ever made!!!  It will make your breathing sound good!




AVAILABLE IN COLORS:  2 "Burgundy with Silver and Beads", and a "Red with Gold".


SOLD --"Black with Silver" and "Gray with Gold"!



~Whimsical Treasure~Kentwood, MI ~USA ~49548~